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1.Travel pillows is specially design for comfotable nap and neck head support, to avoid the physical pain caused by incorrect posture.

2.Very elastic, comfortable, safty, Durable and not deformed.

3.Travel pillows designed with pillow strap, can be widly fastened to all kinds of seats, use it for head, neck and back support.

4.Soft and elastic can be floded and put in bag, small and light-weight, easy to carry, do not waste your luggage space.



Type:Decorative Pillows


Material: Cotton

Filler Main Component: Polyurethane

Size: 27 x 24 x 15 cm

Pillow height: 15.1 - 20 cm

Color: Pink, Green, Black, Blue, Beige

Weight: 0.23 kg

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