How to Buy a handmade Wedding Dresses at Wholesale prices

How to Buy a handmade Wedding Dresses at Wholesale prices? and At the same time you can custom made

ForBrides girls, weddings are one of the most important events that could occur in their life. Because of this, it can be easy to justify spending large amounts of money on a wedding. However, if your budget can’t support a large and fancy wedding, you may want to cut back on the price of the dress.You can find quality handmade Wedding Dresses and wedding bridesmaid dresses.

DIYouth Wedding Dresses price is about 200 USD  and bridesmaid dresses under 100. DO NOT WORRY diyouth quality.the picture of wedding gowns is real



Consider purchasing a used wedding dress. Many women would prefer not to wear a wedding dress that another woman had worn before unless there are familial or sentimental DIYouth can provide cheap and new wedding gowns



Simple Bridesmaids Dresses Under 100 By DIYouth

If you are considering where to buy simple dress to wear to a wedding,diyouth Bridesmaid gowns were bold in coral and slate colors, yet classic in their subtle design, at once fitted and flowing. you and your ‘maids are sure to love!
Chic and simple mint green bridesmaid dresses from DIYouth.


Unlike other designers who strive to create super trendy looks, DIYouth combines timeless design with current fashion trends. How is this possible? They take timeless silhouettes and apply trending colors, fabrics, and details. These unique creations are versatile, complementing a wide variety of wedding themes. From formal affairs to casual, outdoor ceremonies, you’re sure to find a dress you love. Want to know the best part? They’re budget-friendly! Our favorite looks start at less than $100!

Simple short bridesmaid dresses 2015

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The popularity of modern minimalism is no surprise, as it draws a line between trendy garments and classic design. Do away with ultra-hip styles and embrace lasting, timeless quality. Shop simple bridesmaid dresses you’ll love for a lifetime.


Let us know which styles custom-made are your favorites Bridesmaid Dresses .  Send photos to!

Open Back Prom Dresses 2015

Open Back Prom Dresses 2015  Style on DIYouth Shop,The real picture style is handmade by can choose  any color and size

Every girl wants to dress to impress on prom night. Whether it’s your friends, your family, or yourself, I know you’re looking for prom gowns that put all eyes on you. You want to flatter your figure, stand out from the crowd, and let your personal style shine. There are plenty of great trends this year to help you do that, but one of my favorites has to be backless prom dresses. When done right, low back prom gowns have the power to turn every head when you turn around. Some of the most beautiful looks come from designers we carry. Here are a few style tips to consider when shopping backless dresses.

today we recommend popular fashion Lace Open Back Evening Dresses online,yes ,They can be purchased on diyouth shop


The Lace Backless Evening Gowns is color in black ,Looks very sexy


The Open Back Prom Dresses Mermaid


Turqoise Blue Small Train Muslim Mermaid Lace Beaded Formal Long Sleeve Prom Dress Gown


Sexy Backless Delicate Sheer Scoop Neckline Sleeveless Beaded Crystal Royal Blue Mermaid Prom Dresses 2015





Open Back Sexy Long Red Lace V-neck Wedding Dress Plus Size Formal Evening Dress Cheap Prom Dress


Hot Sale A-line Straps Chiffon Prom Dresses CHPD-60012




Wedding Colour Combinations 2014: Burgundy, Orange and Purple

The rich intoxicating blend of colors will really set the autumnal tone to your wedding day. When it comes to mixing and blending colors it can be a wee bit tricky, but with this selection we are certain that you shouldn’t have any problems.


When it comes to the bouquets, make sure your florist is totally in tune with the desired look you are going for and agree on an exciting mix of textures, sizes and shape of flowers. Why not try the look on your tables too.






Use your imagination and come up with some fun little ways to use the colour combinations! For example experiment with food, fabrics and anything else that makes up this fabulous colour combination for fall. We love this idea of hot creamy tomato soup served on a gorgeous satin burgundy tablecloth.




Don’t forget to kit out you and your wedding party in fun accessories that use a surprising mix of tangerine and purple. Think cool umbrellas, heels and even bow ties. Just a pop of either colour will help nicely link into your theme, without over-doing the look.



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Homecoming Hairstyles 2014

It’s once again homecoming season, which means time to pull out your best hairstyle for the new school year.

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Homecoming of course is the perfect time to try something new, daring, and of course head turning… you know if you really plan on stealing attention this season.


For 2014 we’re seeing quite the array of unique and trendy hairstyles. Vibrant colored strands continue to dominate the hair world, and it can make for great look for your homecoming night. Keep your funky hue the whole week with temporary hair chalk or dye, or just rock it out for the big dance. Fun and flirty ponytails are another simple trend that can be perfectly playful if you plan on dressing up, or dressing down.



Braided and twisted styles are a runway favorite at the moment, and offer up yet another creative way to style your strands. Accessorize with floral hair wreaths, feathers, and headbands. Need more inspiration, be sure to check out some of the hottest looks you can rock after the drop.

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Plus size Mother of the bride dresses

When a big wedding day comes, not only future brides are the ones who are excited and want to look nice, but their plus size mothers as well. For the lady who is in plus size, don’t worry, there are many plus size mother of the bride outfits which will make you look stunning.


What you should know while choosing the right plus size mother of the bride dresses is that because you will be dressed in it whole day, first of all it has to be comfortable. Do not push too hard by trying to wear something too exclusive or too classy, just that you can say that you wore it. The right plus size clothes for you should be the one that makes you feel comfortable, and when you have that, you will look nice. Some light materials in combination with occasional details, will be winning combination. And mother of the bride dresses plus size made for this season have all that! While choosing a plus size dress for you, take into consideration your body figure. If you still have legs to show off with them, then choose some of the short plus size mother of the bride dresses. Of course, do not let it be the plus size one too short, because it may leave a bit negative impression, and won’t seem appropriate. About a knee-length seems to be the right one. However, if you feel like wearing any longer plus size dress, that’s ok as well. Do not choose a too tight plus size one, because you will walk and dance- in one word, you will move all day, and do not let a dress distract you. Choose the one that is fluttering and light that will give the feeling that you are not wearing anything at all.


Finding the perfect formal plus size mother of the bride dress  that makes you feel confident and stylish while fitting with the look and feel of your child’s wedding isn’t an easy task, but we know you can do it!

Bright and Colourful Wedding Ideas

Bright and bold colours have been at the forefront of many trend magazines and websites this year and the idea is set to increase in popularity.




The great thing about bright colourful weddings is that they are easy to plan and you don’t have to limit your palette to coordinate so much. No the key here is to squeeze in as many bright fresh colours as possible, but if you feel the need to coordinate then select 3 or 4 colours to play around with. Colour can be added to just about everything and it can be quite an exciting time when you come to planning. Get creative and ask friends and close relatives to brainstorm ideas with you to make the occasion even more fun.





Enjoy some of the ideas that we have put together and ideas that we feel will really grab your guest’s attention. Remember a colourful wedding will have everyone feeling happy and relaxed!




colorful-wedding-flowers-and-bouquets (1)



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Grey Bridesmaid Dresses

We know traditionally grey color has a bad rap and is generally not a color that we associate with happiness, ultimately making this color a seemingly unpopular choice. So why the sudden change of our heart?



Grey has been revived with the help of spring like colors, such as canary yellow, blush and primrose pink they bring this color to life and with the right balance these color combinations can look truly sophisticated, elegant and joyful, the perfect ingredients for a successful wedding.



Grey really stands out against stark white, so if you’re choosing a pure white gown then grey bridesmaid dresses may be the ideal choice. There are so many shades of grey to choose from and you really need to consider the fabric you intend to use as this may alter the tone of grey. We think shiny satins and draped chiffons should be your top choice of material this year, based around the season in which you plan to wed in.

As mentioned earlier grey bridesmaid dresses look fabulous with spring colors and white, so keep this mixture of colors jotted down in your diary.

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Boho Wedding

Fashion and trend is constantly on the move however designers have still kept Boho style alive with a refreshing new look each season.Boho is set to look fabulous at the right event, so think rustic countryside venues, woodlands or a romantic back yard. 




Boho Bridal Hairstyles

To achieve the carefree boho appearance, consider loose fishtail braids, long waves and braided up-dos. Don’t forget to add some all important accessories, such as a flower wreath or a flapper headband.







Boho Wedding Dresses


Soft fabrics, lace sleeves and romantic drapes of chiffon and organza…they are all signatures of true Boho brides.







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A Tip For Wedding Photography

Taking pictures is  very important work in the wedding ! It’s the memory in the future . Here is advice by the photographer. It’s called Multiple Exposure Photography.

For those of you who haven’t heard of this before, multiple exposure photography is when your photographer opens the camera shutter more than once and exposes the film multiple times. It creates an artistic superimposed image effect, and yes – this is becoming very popular! Digital photographers can also create this look using photo editing software.



Obviously your entire wedding shouldn’t be shot like this, but getting a few images from your bridals, engagement session, or couples portraits will make for a visually interesting and unique keepsake.

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